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Many people view liposuction as a quick fix for their excess weight problem. However, it’s a complicated procedure, which involves preparations, surgery, lengthy post-op period, and much more. Still, liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world.

As the popularity of this procedure keeps growing, patients fail to realize the possible risks of liposuction. Only with the right professional approach to liposuction, the number of benefits can exceed the number of risks.

Extensive research and several consultations with the surgeons are required before the final decision about doing the procedure is made. We’ve decided to list the benefits and risks of liposuction to help potential patients understand it better.

Benefits of Liposuction

The benefits of this procedure are numerous. Most of them are aesthetic. While aestheticism may not be vital to the human physical health, it’s highly important for mental satisfaction.

Shaping And Contouring The Body

The main reason why people decide to do the liposuction is its ability to shape and contour the body. With the assistance of the surgeon, patients finally get rid of extra pounds, fat deposits, lipomas, and much more.

Men with gynecomastia can remove the annoying enlarged chest and enjoy a manly body once again.

Health Improvements

Once the fat deposits are removed, patients can start experiencing numerous health benefits. Excess weight often leads to heart problems, blood pressure fluctuations, joint pain, and much more.

Once the liposuction takes care of the fat, people start feeling lighter and healthier. If done on time, this procedure can reduce the risks of obesity. Excess sweating is another problem which can go away after the liposuction is done.

Better Well-Being

Once the extra pounds and the unwanted fat is gone, the overall well-being of a patient improves dramatically. The person is more likely to take up a healthy way of life, start eating right and exercising on a regular basis.

If obesity or unwanted body shape were the causes of depression, liposuction can deal with the condition. Liposuction can boost self-confidence, which is an integral part of a patient’s well-being.

Overall, the procedure can dramatically improve the quality of the person’s life.

Risks of Liposuction

Even though liposuction is a common procedure, it’s still a surgery. Any surgery comes with a set of risks and possible complications.

Slow Healing

Since it’s a rather formidable surgery, liposuction can involve a slow healing process and some scarring. It may take up to four months for the body to heal. While the body is getting back to normal, the patient’s activities are limited, and the quality of life is lower than before.

Risk of Thrombophlebitis

Blood clot development is a possible side effect of the procedure. Thrombophlebitis is an unpleasant and painful condition, which requires regular treatment. This condition can develop without the surgery. It’s especially common in obese people.

Skin Infections

Liposuction can cause skin infections, which may require additional surgery. Even though these days infections during surgeries are rare, they are still a risk. It’s important to choose a respectable clinic and a qualified surgeon in order to minimize the risks of skin and other infections.


Inflammation around the incision areas can last up to six months. Meanwhile, fluids may be oozing from the incisions. These symptoms can make the recovery period tedious for the patients, negating the aesthetic benefit of the surgery for some time.

The majority if liposuction procedures performed at respectable clinics are successful. However, it’s important to consider all the risks in advance. It’s recommended to consider other options before deciding to have a complicated surgery, no matter how popular it is.