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It’s an emergency, and someone needs a doctor, fast. The person reaches for the mobile, not to place a call but to turn on the Google search. The search results are quickly scanned, and within minutes, a doctor is located, and an appointment is scheduled. That’s the power and the potential of the internet as a healthcare marketing tool.

When a searcher keys in “Top Ophthalmologist near me” and you don’t figure in the landing page, you don’t exist as far as the searcher is concerned. You have to increase visibility. A finely crafted healthcare SEO strategy propels you and your practice higher in web search results. There’s no easier way to boost patient footfalls and to grow your practice.

Four Persuasive Reasons Why Doctors Need SEO Marketing

Private-Pay-Patients (PPP) Mostly Google Their Doctor Searches

Private Pay Patients are not registered with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). Instead of dialing MCOs for guidance, they’d rather Google a doctor search to decide who they get to consult. This is a huge market seeking medical guidance, and if SEO marketing is done properly, physicians place themselves in a better position to be the go-to doctor for this growing group.

SEO Marketing Inspired Footfalls Boost Medical Practice Revenue

You could spend a fortune decking up the ambiance of your clinic and commercially advertise your practice and extraordinary skill sets. Yet, the person in your immediate neighborhood may not reach you because internet search results blank you out completely. What you spend on a well-crafted SEO strategy will cost you a pittance, and most probably that money will be recovered from two or three patient visits.

SEO helps you tap a market well beyond your physical reach, and generates surplus income that’ll cover your overheads and zoom your revenues. More important, the patient footfalls will treble, and word of mouth publicity regarding your personalized healthcare will do the rest.  

Remember that there are tons of people searching for the exact service that you are offering; SEO guides them to your doorstep. Your message reaches millions. Here onward, you’ll focus on what you do best as a caregiver, leaving the marketing to SEO.

You’ll Be Moving in Step With Changing Patient Preferences

Healthcare consumerism is making patients savvy. They are increasingly concerned about the quality of health care they receive, and they’ll pour through doctor reviews online before placing a call. If a mom wants a pediatrician for her child, she’d more likely Google “Best Pediatrician in Washington.”

There are important online reviews, directories, and listings that you should be figuring in prominently. This is where SEO helps out. It gives you the advantage of studying and analyzing your clientele and their changing preferences. SEO then creates a strong online presence for your practice so that you can respond quickly and efficiently to fulfill the consumer’s need.

SEO Helps You Attract Ideal Patients on a Long-Term Basis

The modern patient is a healthcare consumer and is more likely to decide a doctor as he would select a home appliance. He will research online, compare reviews, gather information on best practices, and possibly give you a call to clarify your health plan costs before he makes a final decision.

These are highly aware and upwardly mobile consumers. If you can attract them, they’ll probably develop a relationship with your practice that will last a lifetime. SEO arms you with the easiest and most inexpensive techniques for attracting these health-conscious, high-value clientele. Once you land such patients, your practice will boom the way you’ve always wanted it to.

Healthcare marketing: SEO Techniques That Boost Your Medical Practice

Becoming mobile-friendly is the way to go

The majority of web searchers use mobiles, and if your site isn’t optimized to read well on a handheld device you lose out on a huge marketing opportunity. Your first priority is to code the website to render smoothly on a mobile interface. Healthcare consumers love a visually stunning and minimally textual healthcare site. A well-optimized site stands a good chance of figuring higher up in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Keep loading interactive and fresh content

A site posting interactive and fresh content on a regular basis performs well in search results. Use locally relevant search words like ‘Best Orthopedic Surgeons in Boston’ or ‘Orthopedic Surgeon near me’ to make yourself visible to visitors needing these services. Use keywords that bring in the kind of patients you specialize in. Keyword search is a highly specialized tool that if used incorrectly may draw the wrong crowd who are less inclined to use your services.

When visitors open your site, ensure your phone numbers are clearly posted along with interactive chat boxes and contact forms. Maximize the way customers can contact you and create an infrastructure (trained staff or call centers) that’ll respond quickly and effectively to customer contacts.

Use website overlays packed with graphics to highlight healthcare plans that entice visitors with a direct call to action. To entice consumers to convert, offer something of value in exchange – an informative ebook, a medical treatment brochure, or a unique health plan at discounted rates.

Get yourself registered on Google Business Page

When your practice is on Google business Page, you get marked on the Google Map with a featured location. Describe yourself, explain what you offer, and post reviews and referrals that speak well of you.

Get reviewed and post favorable reviews online

In the good old days, you’d turn to a friend, a colleague, or a senior citizen to recommend a good doctor. Today, it’s much faster to Google doctor reviews and compare medical services. A sound strategy is to get long-term clients to put in a good review that you can post as a testimonial. Make sure the same reviews are reflected in Google Plus, Healthgrades, and Angie’s List where you expand your reach to a bigger audience.  

Visibility is the takeaway of social media engagement

If you’ve successfully performed a unique surgery, announce it in Facebook; if you’ve participated in a fundraiser for a popular charity, say it on Twitter; if you’ve something important to share regarding healthcare, write and post an article on LinkedIn. If your clinic has a great ambiance, post stunning pics on Instagram. Respond to the queries and comments that you receive. This kind of engagement makes you human and approachable. Maintaining a regular and interactive presence in social media zooms your rankings in web searches.  

Host online PPC campaigns that attract bigger patient traffic

A Pay Per Click or PPC is an advertising campaign which you can use to reach out to potential customers. You can offer discounts, special health care plans, and a variety of other services that benefit patients. The advantage of PPC is that you pay a fee only if a visitor clicks the ad; you don’t pay for ad viewing. This is a simple way of enticing visitors to click, convert, and kick-start a sale.  PPC is known to be more effective than organic searches in increasing web traffic.

Wade deeper into blog posting, webinars, and podcasts

Getting the movers and shakers in the industry to back you up with a good word, a helpful review or a timely referral are proven ways of establishing your credibility and reputation in the community. Ask medical experts to write a guest blog, or do a podcast on a topic of vital importance to community health, or arrange webinars that inform and educate consumers. Post your community outreach efforts as a video on YouTube. These are simple yet effective strategies that’ll keep you and your practice in the limelight and get people to talk about you.


SEO is like using the finest ingredients in baking a multi-layered cake. Being the baker, you know all too well that each delicious offering comes at the cost of a great deal of your time, skill and dedication. Do it properly and your cake becomes the toast of the town.

If your practice leaves you little scope for healthcare marketing SEO, you’re better off hiring a professional to strategize SEO for you on a regular ongoing basis. That way, you’ll get high-quality content, precision keyword management, and strategic marketing with regular in-depth analyses. The results, in terms of increased patient footfalls and a flourishing practice, will be worth the investment.